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Wooden Starch Trays for Mogul Lines
All starch trays for confectionery factories are made individually according to your drawings

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Riviera Trays never charge extra for packaging our goods, regardless of quantity
ECO Advantage
geometric and physical advantage
  • Riviera wooden starch tray does not damage expensive mogul lines
    If the tray gets stuck on the line, it is deformed. This avoids the serious cost of restoring the line.
  • All starch tray elements have rounded edges to ensure personnel and product safety.
  • All starch trays undergo final grinding before shipment to remove sharp edges
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
  • Riviera wooden starch trays are lighter than analogues from other materials
    This allows you to reduce the mechanical load on the mogul line, energy consumption and staff load
  • High accuracy of starch tray manufacturing, reducing line faults of grabbing the tray and moving it on a line.

  • Perfectly maintained tray size allows unhindered mogul line movement of the tray

Costs reduction due to:

- Production factory located in Siberia

And resources supplied from Russia locally.

- No hidden charges, quote mentioned in quote is final.

- Delivery included in the price, mentioned in your quote.

our mission
To help confectionary producers in highly competitive market of gummy product to win the price competition by reducing consumables supplying costs
our products
Riviera Trays is an experts in precious wood finishings.
- Our team work together already more than 15 years.
- We are fully focused on manufacturing of starch trays and mould boards for confectionery factories.
- Our products perfectly proved at confectionery factories in Russia and abroad.
- All our orders turn into a strong long-term cooperation, and customers become our good friends.
- The fair price and durability of our products is the main principle of the Riviera Trace company.
- Products are manufactured at our production in the city of Omsk by our specialists, some of whom have been working in the production for over 10 years.
- Trays and mould boards are made on machines including those with CNC that give the accuracy of the linear dimensions of the product up to three decimal places.
- We are proud that for many years (more than 10) of work, we raised the quality of products to a new level by leveling it with the German one.
- We process the wood in high quality for the production of serial products for the needs of confectionery factories.

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our expertise
  • Production of stackable wooden starch trays by client's drawings or samples

  • Design and production of mould boards from the scratch by clients requests and needs.

  • Worldwide delivery of our products, including custom duties

our numbers
151 974 starch trays
54 stamp forms being produced in 2018

500 000 starch trays
successfully work currently in Russia and abroad

1 225 818 €
company turnover in year 2018

why Riviera trays?

  • Getting the best wood.
    Produced from durable high quality beech, supplied from Russia.

  • Recyclable materials
    Starch trays production made from recycled materials .
  • Fair Price.
    Our quotes always with final price, without hidden charges and included the packing and delivery
  • Reducing the costs.
    Production in Russia reduces overhead and raw materials costs.
  • Client experience.
    For more than 15 years, confectionery factories throughout Russia and abroad have been using our trays and mould boards and continue to cooperate with us for many years.
  • Full compatibility
    We are making starch trays according to drawings or samples of the client. Our products are easy to integrate into the trays you already have in your factory.
  • High precision manufacturing.
    The modern equipment of our manufactury allows us to process wood with an accuracy of 0.5 mm.
  • Worldwide shipping.
    Riviera Trays cooperates with all logistics companies and are ready to provide delivery worldwide, we will bear the cost of delivery. Including customs clearance.
how we work
Getting a request
Drawing + sample
Product quality control
our clients
We value our clients, and our clients value us as well. We are ready to make starch trays and mould boards for you, regardless of the size of your business.
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